How to Promote Your Android App

We just released our first app so we are currently involved in the process of getting some promotion for our app. So far we have gathered some ideas that might be interesting for other android developers and we want to share them with you. Here they are:

  • Start a blog for you app. Use it to keep the users informed about its features and the changes included in the new revisions.
  • Make you app noticed submitting posts to the Android Reddit or other popular android forums. Most of these forums have specific subforums for Android App Announcements. Generally there are some rules when posting there, try to stick to them.
  • Ask for a review of your app on sites specializing in Android.
  • Submit you app to other markets, such as the Amazon App Store.

Here is a set of android forums where you can promote your app:

  2. Android Forums
  3. Android Central
  4. Everything Android
  5. Android Community
  6. Talk Android
  7. Android Development Community
  8. AndroidPIT

And here you have a couple of sites where you can ask for a review:

  1. Android TAPP
  2. Mobilestartupz

Hope this information helps.

We are looking forward to hearing from the ideas you have to promote an Android app.

Have a nice day! :)

Merdroid Development Team

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